Bolivia Lodge sponsors annual event for the elderly

In 2015, Bolivia Lodge pioneered a local initiative to raise awareness for the elderly. This formed part of a nationwide ‘Go Turquoise 4 the elderly’ annual campaign.

This year again we participated, once more sponsoring a spoil project, where we bused in elderly people from various old age facilities from within the local community.

Once our guests arrived, they enjoyed a selection of delicious eats. In addition they could take advantage of a complimentary hand massage or photo booth session. Guest speakers included Councillor Mabatse representing the Polokwane Executive Mayor  and Mr. Attie Vermaak, former Town Clerk of Polokwane.   

Bolivia Lodge stands on two pillars – warm hospitality and being a force for good in the community. This is why we embraced this community outreach opportunity, to show that Polokwane’s elderly are not overlooked.

For further information on the ‘Go Turquoise 4 the elderly campaign’ please visit